A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Inspired by Lovecraft and stories of abandoned ships like the St. Mary Celeste,  you play as GWR 3000, an autonomous Rooombra vacuum cleaner.

One night aboard a transatlantic vessel, you and your creator are having a relaxing night when an interdimensional portal opens on the ship, killing the whole crew.

Now it's up to you — only you — to save the world.

  • Fend off intergalactic creatures with your flashlight.
  • Engage in an epic RPG final showdown.
  • Ponder humanity's coexistence with robots.
  • Do it in less than 10 minutes

Made for Major Jam: Isolation.


Rooombra Windows 60 MB
Rooombra Mac 79 MB

Install instructions

Windows – Run rooombra_installer.exe

Mac – Right click the Rooombra to the Rescue app file, and click 'Open'. 

Development log


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I loved the animation at the end! :) And the hand drawn assets looked great!